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Hi, I’m Sylwia, founder of Litte Lady Funk.

I am UI / UX Designer based in Zurich, specialised in interface look & feel, user-experience design and 360 degree project lead.


Photo by Chhandak Pradhan

Throughout the years I have been performing at the junction of few areas of visual design in lifestyle, fashion and beauty industry. I have built vast experience in graphic design, print, art direction and creative production. I led and designed several 360 degree marketing campaigns, also producing photo shootings for international brands.

Inspired by development of technology and growing importance of digital interaction, my focus naturally shifted into
human-oriented design. As a Philosophy graduate, I mastered the skill of posing questions and creating space for possible solutions. Design as a way of thinking is the best possible match for my unique combination of education and professional experience. This allows me to zoom in on details, as well as generate a big picture for user-oriented design and its management with stakeholders and customers. I keep my approach at work fresh and up-to-date, being a Member of Interaction Design Foundation.

My parallel professional goal is providing not only human-oriented design but also visually responsible communication, maximising impact of the brand and minimising the environmental impact. This way I can drive the change for the people and for the planet with respect for the
Sustainable Development Goals.

I am based in Zürich, Switzerland. In my spare time you can meet me on the dance floor, practicing modern jazz or contact improvisation. I also explore yoga workout and meditation on my way to well-being. I am fascinated by bioenergetic approach to human body developed by Alexander Lowen and his followers.


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